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OCBC NISP Call Center Complaint P Number to Submit a Complaint

As one of the nasaba h, the  presence  of the OCBC  NISP call center  will definitely help  with every problem that every  nasaba h  has  , right?   Joining a bank and becoming a customer cannot be separated from various problems that arise,  such as the  problem of  debit  /credit card loss, loss of passbook.   to all kinds of problems.

If you are facing various  problems  , you  do not need to come directly to  the bank to make a complaint that is likely to take a  lot of time.   Considering  also the number of people who will line up in it.   But you don’t have to worry anymore, because the  presence of a call center from  a  bank  can be  the  best choice.

Including  the OCBC NISP call center  , which is the best choice for those of  you who encounter various problems when  becoming a customer.   Not only that,  but with the presence of the  service, there is  no need to come to the bank, which is said  to make a complaint  ,  which will  most likely  take  a lot  of time.    time.

OCBC  (Overseas China Banking Company)  itself is  a  very prominent  banking institution in Singapore and has also  taken over the shareholding of BANK NISP.  Founded  on 4 April 1941 in IN Bandung  under the   name NV Nederland sch Indische Spaar En Deposito Bank  , Bank NISP also provided small and medium-sized business services.

Not only that, but the existence of this bank also  turned out to be  included  in one of the oldest types of banks  in Indonesia.   It  is the  place  where suda pioneered during the Dutch colonial period  .   With this experience, it is  not  surprising that they  have a variety of  services and complete amenities, including the  presence of this  call center  used  for  complaints  .   Customers.

History of OCBCNISP’s Berdirinya

Before you decide to file  a  complaint  through  OCBC  NISP’s call center  ,  it’s  important to know what the history is like at a glance about  one  of the  oldest banks  in Indonesia.  As  mentioned earlier, OCBC NISP itself was founded in Bandung in April 1941.

Its first name was NV Nederlandsch Indische Spaar En Deposit Bank.   In 1972, Barula h  underwent  a  name change to  The Core Value of Storage Sari  and became known  as NSP.  In 1978, it became clear that NISS itself was no longer an abbreviation,  but officially  became the name of the Bank  .  Exactly in 2008,  with the inclusion of OCBC Bank,  Singapore became the majority shareholder.

Finally, in 1967 it  became one of  the  official commercial banks,  then in 1990 it became a currency bank  precisely in 1990, until in 1994 to   a publicly traded  company on   the Indonesian  stock exchange.  With the support of OCBC,  it enables the bank to have a more sophisticated human resource against an increasing number of office networks   and  to make IT more sophisticated.

It turns out that the  reputation that the bank has is recognized worldwide.  This reputation has  been proven by various awards from which suda has been received, such as the Asian Banking and Finance Award 2013 at  Shangri-La Hotel,  which was awarded the  Indonesian Indigenous Technology and Operations Bank of the Year award.

The epic  reputation   possessed is thanks to the variety of products and services offered.  Electronic banking,  including  ATMs, internet banking, auto payments, mobile banking,  EDC, telephone banking, to the presence of  OCBC NISP call center  services  that facilitate the ability of customers to file complaints.

How to Contact  the  Relevant Call Center?

As one of   the  top  banks in Indonesia,  OCBC NISP  also offers the best commitment so that its customers can be trusted and trusted at all times  .   Not only that, but the  banking company also accepts and  appreciates   every assessment, input and  complaint offered  by  nasaba  h.

The  OCBC NISP Diana call center  can be contacted at any time 24 hours a day to provide the best facilities for  customers who wish to  express their opinions and complaints. They provide  a  call center number  where you can be contacted. Call center number

Domestic Number: 1500-99

International number +62-21-2650-6300

For  those wishing  to file a complaint,  you should provide other supporting documents such as passbooks, transaction history to other  evidence  of the current problem.  Faced.

In addition  to  being able to communicate through  OCBC NISP’s call center,  you can also  file  a complaint in other ways, such as:

  1. Email Tanya@ocbcnisp/com
  2.  Visit  the official page of www.ocbcnisp.com and  go  to the  contact us page
  3. Contact the OCBC NISP call center via social media via twitter @tanyaOCBCNISP, Instagram on @Ocbc_nisp or Facebook at Bank OCBC NISP .
  4. You can also report problems or ask questions via WhatsApp on the +628121500999 number.

How to Make a Good Complaints Submission Mechanism?

For those who want to handle complaints or ask questions, make sure you do it well. This is  to get the  best service and facilities to get   the solution from the  OCBC NISP call center.   The following is  the  mechanism for best communicating complaints.

  1. Depending on the problem you are experiencing, you can first file a complaint.
  2. The bank will receive complaints from customers
  3. OCBC NISP will investigate information about complaints made by customers
  4. Registration of the complaint  or  complaint in the  system
  5. Provide customers with information regarding the complaint registration number
  6. Seeking solutions to problems faced by customers
  7. To inform the customer about the best solution
  8. Customers will be informed about the best solution that can overcome the problem at hand.

If you want to run a complaints process related to a problem or complaint, this  is  a good and correct mechanism.   Make sure customers are also  patient until they get  clear information.   Remembering  that it’s not just you who has a problem  .

Advantages of Being a Customer di OCBC NISP

Being one of the OCBC NISP clients  will bring a number of benefits for    you  ,  including:

  1. Providing complete products

The main advantage  of being a customer at this bank is  that there is a complete range of products to suit your needs, such as  individuals,  SMEs,  companies  or sharia.  Of course, the completeness of the product makes it easy to find services when needed.

  1. Professional in serving customers

Since  it has been  established for a long time,  it  is not surprising  that this bank has experience in providing the best service to its customers.  Remembering customer satisfaction is a top priority.

  1. Complaint complaint service

The  last advantage is that  you can also take advantage of the  complaint  complaint service  through a fast and experienced cal center.   With this service, all the tales can be properly handled.

OCBC NISP bank is  one of Indonesia’s leading banking services, which has long been available to accompany the people  of the country.   If you have any problems with  banking,  contact  the OCBC NISP call center  immediately to get  the best solution.

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